Rubia Abbey beer

The wisdom of time

Almost 10 centuries of tradition back Cistercian monks in producing abbey beer. This thousand-year-old art has evolved to our time without losing the essence of its more artisanal past. Characteristics that, along with a selection of the finest barley, double fermentation and no filtration, allow us to achieve a modern beer with body and intense flavour. Made with wisdom; to be enjoyed wisely.

  • 6 - 8 ºC
  • 8 % vol.
  • 33 cl

Tasting notes

Amber-coloured with glimmers of gold. Abundant white head and low density. On the nose, fruity (banana and apple) and malt aromas stand out. On the palate, it displays good body, the characteristic smooth bitterness of hops, and a long, fruity finish.