The winemaking origins of Maset Winery date back to 1777, when the lands of Maset belonged to the fiefdom of Montserrat Abbey and when Massana family, the present-day owner, had to pay taxes in order to work the lands. Since then, nine generations of the Massana family have worked the land of the Maset del Lleó estate.

In spite of various difficulties, the cultivation of the vine was never abandoned. Not even the devasting outbreak of phylloxera in the nineteenth century could put a stop to this great family tradition. And so it was in 1917 that Josep Massana produced the first cava under the name of Maset.

Since 1777, eight generations of family have been Massana linked to the cultivation of the lands of the Maset's estate.

Years later in 1958 when Maset del Lleó was already firmly established as a wine and cava producer, Antoni Massana bought an old truck and started to deliver fruit, vegetables, wines and cavas directly to Barcelona from the Penedès. It was then that the direct selling of our products to the end customer was born.

Thanks to this direct and personal relationship with our customers, Maset del Lleó began a fruitful period of grow and began to transform and renovate the original cellar and incorporate more innovative technology, without losing sight of its traditional and familiar trademark.