Tostada Munich Wheat beer

Bavarian traditional recipe

On April 3, 1516, William IV, Duke of Bavaria, announced the “law of purity,” prohibiting the use of wheat for any purpose other than for making bread. Centuries later, with the ban lifted, our master brewers are once again producing the famous Weißbier, craft wheat beers, as in yesteryear. Slightly sweet, with subtly toasted malts, unfiltered and with little hops; it’s the perfect combination for enjoying all the flavour of a grain with personality. It was worth the long wait.

  • 6 - 8 ºC
  • 5,3 % vol.
  • 50 cl

Tasting notes

Brown in colour, with reddish reflections and a hazy appearance. Abundant, dense, firm, creamy head with moderate duration. Intense aromas of caramel and coffee. On the palate we appreciate the malted wheat, with subtle hints of chocolate and caramel. Long, comforting finish.